Mining Summit Canada

An open forum for Canadas leading mining executives

The global mining industry is currently experiencing an influx of pain points. A perpetually increasing energy demand, fluctuating commodity prices, pressing security issues, and social and environmental responsibilities only tap the surface. The Euro Zone crisis and a lagging U.S. economic recovery following the Global Financial Crisis, as well as a slow-moving Chinese economy, are impacting mining industries around the world. But despite economic woes, mining prospects are looking up.

As one of the worlds leading producers of metals and minerals, Canada is poised to stand out among emerging project destinations. But in order to maximize potential, the industry must overcome issues surrounding laws and regulations pertaining to international projects, global shortages of skilled workers, rising costs and infrastructural challenges.

The Mining Summit Canada will bring together leading mining industry executives from all over the country to confront and overcome current industry issues. This event will explore overarching E&P concerns, as well as those specific to leading product targets, including iron ore, gold, copper and others. Attending delegates will discuss the current standing and future of the Canadian mining industry, sharing best practices for growth through sustainable operations, efficient and safe E&P, a reduced negative impact on the environment and a host of other industry concerns.

The Mining Summit Canada will enable attending executives to network with peers and learn from each others experiences through engaging educational sessions conducted in a comfortable, yet focused business environment. The event agenda offers opportunities for critical exchanges through visionary Keynote Presentations, CIO Think Tanks, Thought Leadership workshops, Analyst Q&As and much more. Attendees will meet one-on-one with solution providers throughout the event to learn about critical products and services capable of solving organizational challenges.

A few of this years agenda topics:

  • Risk Assessment in Risky Environments
  • Watching Your Step: Continued Growth, Reduced Environmental Harm
  • Sustainable Strategies: Maximizing Water Resources
  • Operations Best Practices for Worker Safety
  • Keeping Costs Low and Value High for Stakeholders
  • Resource Nationalism

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get mining industry issues out on the table, make your voice heard and collaborate with peers on real solutions for your organization.

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